Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tile Riot

What does a typical weekend look like for us? Well, we dig holes, find treasures, put up fencing, tile, grout, visit Home Depot and Lowe's 6 times, nap, grumble about how old we're getting and get eaten alive by mosquitoes. 

Want to know what we found in that hole? Stay tuned!

We're nearing the end of the lease on our apartment, so the bathroom renovation has become our number one priority again. We finished tiling and grouting the shower:

Ain't she a beauty? Now we have to refinish the tub and put in our new vanity and floor. Easy.

We scored yet another tile deal at Home Depot, 17 x 17 inch floor tile for ~$1 per square foot: 

That's right - $26 for the case, normally $45. I'm so glad I waited to buy the floor tile for the bathroom. This is so much better (and cheaper!) than the tile I was gushing over last week. 

And it goes perfectly with the tile we've already installed:

And yes, in that picture, I am standing next to the tile, claiming our batch and refusing to move while Andrew got a cart and loaded it up. I was prepared for a tile riot, but thankfully it didn't come to that. 


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