Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ugly Things and Pretty Things

Andrew is making great progress in the bathroom, although things still look a bit ugly if you ask me (do you see that orange wall color with the black tile? The house is already next to a cemetery, let's not drive the Halloween thing home tooooo much). 

I made great progress in picking out pretty (non-Halloween) tile. We're using U.S. Ceramic 6x6 tile in bone from Home Depot and allen + roth 3x8 Emperador Espresso Marble tiles as an accent from Lowe's. 

We were able to get a flat of the bone colored 6x6 tile at Home Depot for $100 (that's over $1,000 in savings for those of you keeping track!). We'll be using it for the kitchen back splash as well. Oh,  you haven't seen the kitchen? Don't worry, you're not missing much!

Our plan is to try out the Rust-Oleum tub refinishing kit on that pink monster of a tub. The customer pictures on Home Depot's website are really encouraging (how do you like that lime green tub?!!). 

Due to my work schedule, I don't get a lot done during the week but I was able to hang 2 curtains yesterday. At 10pm, wearing heels, and cursing very loudly as they fell on my head over and over. 
Yeah, that's nothing to be proud of, but it gives us some privacy for the time being. I don't think our view is that bad, though, what do you think? 


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