Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Little Things

Hi! We're still alive! Just a little itchy, swollen and loopy off of Benadryl.  Well, that's Andrew, not me. Andrew, previously immune to poison ivy, was hit hard with a case of systemic poison ivy after our fence project. Lessons we've learned from the past 2 weeks: take care of poison ivy once you see it appear, be extremely careful outside with open cuts, and always listen to Gina. 

While the swelling in Andrew's legs had him off of his feet, relatively few projects were done at the house. So the long weekend came and went with no hardwood floor in the bonus room, no raised garden beds along the fence, etc. It was hard to go back to work and leave Andrew alone, but since his swelling had gone down and his parents were coming to check in on him, I thought it would be okay. A few hours later, I asked Andrew how he was feeling and what he was doing at the house. His response, "little things" included the attached picture:


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