Friday, June 21, 2013

Doorknobs and other million dollar expenses

We've got a lot of big projects going on (the bathroom shower tiling, the hardwood floor in the master bedroom, the fence in the backyard, and our energy conversion, just to name a few) but there have also been lots of small projects getting done around the Odd Fellows House.

One that I'm particularly excited about is that our master bedroom now has a working doorknob. It is a luxurious feeling to no longer have to worry about accidentally locking oneself inside! 

Since we're working with a public librarian's salary to renovate the house, sometimes we have to put "placeholders" in. It hurts me to do so, because the miser in me points out that spending money on a temporary solution is still money spent. Why not put that money towards the real deal?

Well, when the real deal is a $100 doorknob, I guess I will have to put on my big girl pants and wait it out. 

In the meantime, let's take in this beauty:

Gleaming white porcelain knobs accent this circa 1900 brass rim lock set. The elegant design, with its delightful "C-20" motif, commemorates the beginning of the 20th century. It features a sliding privacy bolt, key operated dead bolt and has all brass internal parts. The decorative case and matching trim are solid brass with a polished and lacquered finish. 


Anonymous said...

GG you have a birthday coming bout a doorknob????Love to read everything you write, makes me teary eyed, but happy!

Bill and Loretta said...

Try Renovation Hardware in Marlton and also try architectural salvage places in PA: Also antique stores and Columbus and Englishtown flea markets. So much fun. :-)

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