Saturday, June 22, 2013

House Detectives

One of my favorite parts about owning an old house is all of the little mysteries, like: why are there two closets in the bathroom? Is there hardwood under this carpeting? How many suitcases full of belly buttons were kept in this terrible scary basement?

At Odd Fellows, one of our biggest questions was: why isn't there a washer/dryer hookup?!?

We had a clue that there may have once been a washer/dryer in the house when we looked at the circuit breaker. There were a few switches marked "dryer," but they gave no indication of where they referred to. 

We started walking around the house, knocking on walls and talking about where we would put a laundry station if we had the chance. In the bathroom? There is that extra closet, and that means we wouldn't have to go up and down the stairs with laundry. In the "mud room"? We both had our eye on that room for our office, I know I dreamed of running on my treadmill while listening to 90's pop music, enjoying the high ceiling and great view of the backyard. 

Both of our eyes settled on the strange ledge that jutted out of the far corner.  "Isn't the hose hookup on the other side in the backyard?" Andrew asked. "That's where my TV is going to go!" I thought. 

A few swings of the sledge hammer later and, we had gained a space for our washer and dryer and lost a whole lot of Spice Girl medleys. 


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