Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fact vs Fiction

Some facts about the Odd Fellows House and its inhabitants:
  1. Andrew is a night owl and goes to sleep sometime between 1am and 3am.
  2. Gina is a sleepyhead and likes to go to sleep around 10pm each day.
  3. Andrew recently set up his desk in the bedroom, since every other room in the house is full of Gina's crap unpacked boxes and Christmas lawn figures. 
  4. Andrew is really good at researching local history.
  5. Gina has an overactive imagination.  
When you mix these facts together, you can understand how I came to believe that the woman who originally owned the house married two undertakers who both committed suicide, one by cutting his wrists and the other by shooting himself.  

The other night, Andrew was researching past deeds and census documents to learn about earlier owners of the house. Thinking I was awake, he told me about his findings around 12am. I spent the night tossing and turning. This is a house of death! There were bodies in the basement! She killed her husbands and made it look like suicides! The house drove her husbands crazy and they had to kill themselves! Andrew will be next! 

I worried that we had moved into a house known locally to ruin lives and kill husbands. I resolved that we would break the pattern. I spent the night analyzing all of Andrew's most recent actions to determine if he was going crazy. This would be a difficult project, but I could do it (thanks to my Bachelor's in Forensic Psychology!). 

Over coffee the next morning, Andrew was able to clarify that the woman lived here in the 1990s, not the 1890s, she indeed had two husbands, but neither one was an undertaker. Her second husband was related to Charles and William Reily, two local undertakers (father and son) who both took their lives. 

So unless this whole thing was crafted by Andrew and the house really is driving him crazy, I think we've pinpointed who the crazy one is. 


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