Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Odd Fellows Zoo

On Saturday night, Teddy and Eleanor Roosevelt arrived at the Odd Fellows Zoo and decided they would rather stay in their carriers then explore their new home.

On Sunday morning, tensions had eased and I found Teddy and Thomas playing in the kitchen together, but we couldn't find Eleanor. Until we checked that hole we made in the wall when we found the washer dryer hookups

As I yelled to Andrew that I had discovered our missing First Lady, I peeked outside to see that Grania was digging the bricks and gravel out from under the gate: 

So I left the cat in the wall and ran outside to keep the dog from escaping.

After we plugged the hole in the wall and brought the dogs inside, we went back to the apartment to hand in our keys and bring the last group of pets home:
Andrew's 4 parakeets: Martha Washington, Samuel Adams, Elbridge and Button. 

Fast forward past carrying their cage in the pouring rain, trying to fit the cage up our old twisty stairs, trying to get the birds out of the cage, to this: 

Andrew installing a french door between the kitchen and living room. This will keep the cats separate from the birds, create a cat-free zone for our guests, and give the birds the temperature control that they need without Andrew and I having to take the roof off of the house to get the cage upstairs.  

Some of you may wonder if there was an easier solution than to install a door, but to those of you who haven't had to deal with a cat in a wall, birds flying out of cages and dogs digging out from under gates in the same day, I say, don't come to my zoo and tell me how to zoo-keep!


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