Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!

I am very lucky to have a dad who is smart, handy and hard working. Growing up, we didn't have people we called to redo the kitchen or fix an issue with the toilet.  There was always a Fred solution (most famously, he told my mother and I that to redo the kitchen, we would just have to pull the old cabinets out and slide the new ones in. It didn't turn out to be so simple). 

My dad taught me to take care of myself, to know how to do things around the house and to build an entire kitchen's worth of cabinets (with little Freddy's help, of course). 

His determination is the reason I wasn't afraid to buy a fixer-upper, even though I knew that the road ahead of Andrew and I would be long and tough. 

 Happy Father's Day, Dad. Thank you for all the lessons. I know they will continue to support me during scary new leaps of faith.


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