Saturday, June 15, 2013

I've got all my fingers

Yesterday was an exciting day at the Odd Fellows House. At the crack of dawn (8am!!! on my day off!!) we had a home energy audit, where they installed a fan in our front door and traced all of the leaks. 

It isn't surprising to find that we've got more holes in this house than a box of munchkins. We are working with a great company and taking advantage of some rebates so hopefully we can plug this place up on the government's dime. Hey, they've been reading all of my email, the least they can do is help me get my house in shape for the winter. 

And because I love to meet men I met on the internet in parking lots, I picked up a brand new kitchen faucet for $60 off of ye olde Craigslist. Winning!

Of course, there was more tiling to be done and this time I got to join in. Using the diamond tip on the drill to cut out tile for the faucets felt shamelessly fabulous, I'm so rich, diamonds work for me!

At one point, the drill slipped off of the tile I was cutting and headed towards Andrew and I's limbs. Andrew's response, "Good job taking your finger off" caused me to look at my hands, show them to him in a jazz-hand-like fashion and say, "Nope, I've got them all."

"Your finger off the trigger," he explained. "Otherwise the drill would have kept going."

This is one of those learning moments for a newly married couple. It is so good to know that, well first, he knows intrinsically whether or not I have all 10 fingers and second that if/when we have a home improvement accident, my husband won't dryly congratulate me for losing a digit. 

And because it's semi-related and fully cute, here is a picture of Thomas claiming that his paw is hurt. He likes to limp and try to get sympathy when he doesn't get his way. Where did he learn that?


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